Dance for Parkinson’s

Oxford City Council- Dancin' Oxford

  • Feeling connected
  • South East
  • £5
  • 18+

Weekly Dance for Parkinson’s classes for people living with Parkinson’s and their families / carers. The sessions combine dance with live music and vocal work and are built around stories of great ballets, musicals, novels or plays. The sessions are run in partnership with MuMo Creative and English National Ballet. The sessions offer a vital opportunity for people with Parkinson’s to keep active, be creative and socially connect with others.
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Wesley Memorial Hall
New Inn Hall Street




£5 per session

““People with Parkinsons are encouraged to exercise and I do but the only form of exercise I really enjoy is Dance for Parkinsons. I don't worry too much what I look like, we are all in the same boat after all, and for an hour and a half I just forget about my problems and enjoy the wonderful movement and music. There is something so uplifting about moving in time to music. Our three instructors are all mega talented - we are so fortunate to have them.””

DfP participant

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