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Experience the joy of reading aloud together in a Shared Reading group – for free and for everyone!

Shared Reading brings people together in person (and when that’s not possible, online) in small groups to read aloud from a book, short story or poem. Groups meet on a weekly basis and are a great way for people to connect; to what they’re reading, to themselves and to each other.

A friendly volunteer provides a warm welcome and something specially chosen to read. Group members join in the reading and conversation, or just sit back and listen.

As we recover from the pandemic, and with added pressures on our mental health, Shared Reading is needed now more than ever. It’s all about taking the time and creating space to share what matters to us. There’s no right or wrong way to enjoy Shared Reading – just come along and experience it for yourself!

If you’re interested in attending one of our online Shared Reading Groups, please get in touch or find a date and time which works best here.

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