Open Age Programme April to July 2023

Open Age

  • Isolation
  • London
  • 65+

At open age we provide opportunities for our members to take part in meaningful activities, strengthen their sense of community, rediscover old hobbies, find new ones, make new friends, and most of all, have fun!

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday


£0 - 3

“I so appreciate the work that Open Age is doing, and in particular the physical activity side. I truly believe it has been a 'saving grace' for me, and vast numbers of other people. I realise how much work goes into your weekly updates, classes, registering people, replying to emails and now on top of all of that, producing videos* as well. Congratulations to you all on being so empathetic and adaptable. [To] the whole team my immense thanks.”

Open Age Member, June 2020

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