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Unleash the healing power of movement, dance, and nature with “Playful Regeneration with Sophie Spiral” an extraordinary online course tailored for arts and health practitioners and participants. Led by Sophie ‘Spiral’ Schultze-Allen, a distinguished dance researcher and certified InterPlay leader with a focus on embodied climate justice, this course will help you tap into the profound connections between the arts, health, and the environment.

Starting on April 25th at 7.30pm UK, London Time, embark on a transformative journey as Sophie expertly guides you through creative and playful exercises that bring you closer to nature. By blending movement, dance, and eco-somatic practices, this course offers an invaluable opportunity for arts and health enthusiasts in London to enhance their well-being, deepen their connection to the natural world, and explore innovative ways to foster holistic health.

Curious to know more? Visit to learn more about this remarkable experience and register today!

Don’t miss this chance to connect with a supportive community, ignite your creativity, and harness the transformative power of dance, movement, and nature in your arts and health practice.

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This is also a digital programme

This is also a digital programme




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