Self-compassion and the Alexander Technique with Liz Tunnicliffe & Jo Roantree

Intercultural Roots

  • Anxiety and panic
  • Digital
  • £15 - £70
  • 18+

An introduction to Alexander Technique as a resource for resilience, calm and well-being in our caring for ourselves and the world.

Starts on: Thursday, February 9, 2023
Ends on: Thursday, March 30, 2023

Location: Online

Local Times:
London 6pm-7.30pm
San Francisco 10am-11.30am
Ottawa 1pm-2.30pm
New York 1pm-2.30pm
Amsterdam 19:00-20:30
Istanbul 20:00-21:30
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Full Description:
The Alexander Technique is a powerful resource for resilience and calm. It enables us to gain insight into how we deplete ourselves if we care for others without proper care and kindness for our own self. The Technique equips us with practical skills to provide compassionate care to others while looking after ourselves.

This 8 week course is offered to support anyone who recognises a need in themselves for care and kindness, and to those who have formal or informal caring roles. This may be caring for family at home, professionally at work, or in our passion for a cause, such as climate activism or social justice.

In the midst of life’s challenges, we can inadvertently be causing ourselves harm as we try to juggle our responsibilities to meet the various demands on our time and energy, as well as what may seem like our limited or depleted reserves of kindness and patience.

We may be yearning to connect with compassion to those in difficulty but in opening to suffering, we seem drained, frozen, and find ourselves turning away. How can we stay sensitive yet strong and resilient when faced with suffering? Can we strengthen ourselves without becoming numb or hardened? We are the primary instrument in our caring and need to be nourished if we are to be strong for others.

In this course, we work as a supportive and non-judgemental group, respecting each other’s vulnerability and confidentiality. The course is open to all who are happy to work in that way, from beginners to those with prior experience of Alexander Technique.
While the live workshops will take place in Zoom, all participants will receive an invitation to join our Basecamp online forum for additional support and group communication.
Take-Away Benefits:
* Insight into some of the benefits and challenges of self-compassion practices
* Practical understanding of mind-body interrelationship
* Guidance and resources for engaging with practice during and after the course

Type of Format: Course

Language: English
Duration of Each Session: 90 minutes
Technical Platform for the Course: Zoom Pro
Concessionary Ticket – is only for job seekers, students and seniors with a low household income.
Bursary Ticket – is only for people living in countries classed by the World Bank as ‘low income’ and ‘lower-middle income’. Please click here for a list of countries qualifying for Bursary Tickets. We won’t question if you self-declare as low income…
Early Bird Ticket – ends 26th January 2023 at 12 noon

Please ensure that you book at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the course, excluding Drop-In tickets where available, to allow time for you to receive confirmation emails and your entry link to Zoom. This is because we rely on third parties for confirmation etc. Please ensure you have read the Legal notices on our website before booking, in particular our notices regarding Privacy (including Privacy Considerations When Using Zoom), Refund & Cancellation, Disclaimers (including Medical) and Terms.‍

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£15 - 70
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