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Do you suffer from breathlessness?

Join Starling Arts for a weekly singing group for people in north London living with a lung condition.

Sessions are free to attend, but we encourage a small weekly donation if you are in a position to make one.


How does singing benefit breathing?

Research from the Asthma + Lung UK has shown that group singing can:

  • improve health-related quality of life

  • reduce social isolation and loneliness

  • provide an opportunity to learn new skills and songs

  • help to improve posture

  • increase the strength of your voice


Who is this session for?

This singing group will benefit people living with breathlessness or a long-term lung condition such as:

  • COPD

  • Asthma

  • Pulmonary fibrosis

  • Bronchiectasis

  • And those with Long Covid are also welcome to attend.


What does a typical Sing for Better Breathing session look like?

Sessions are led by trained Singing for Lung Health practitioners Emily Garsin and Anna Shields.

The group supports people with chronic lung conditions to manage their symptoms. This includes reducing feelings of breathlessness. You’ll take part in an enjoyable, social activity in a friendly environment.

A typical session will begin with a vocal and physical warm-up. This develops and strengthens breathing techniques. We then learn and sing songs that put the techniques into practice.

Sessions are currently taking place online via Zoom, Tuesday mornings at 11am.


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