The Art of Listening – December’s Half Day Retreat with Will Crawford

Intercultural Roots

  • Wellbeing
  • East Midlands
  • £25 - £42
  • 18+

A half day mindfulness through music retreat to attune, listen and care for your wellbeing.

Join me for a half day on Sunday, 18th December 2022 [10 – 3] for a mindfulness through music retreat where we shall develop our listening skills through the practice of guided musical meditations to focus and centre our mind. Through an exploration of traditional mindfulness exercises we will spend time refining techniques to help with stress, anxiety and relaxation. We will explore expressive musical exercises exploring the voice, breath and body. We shall spend time exploring and discussing musical ideas, styles and theories continuing to deepen and influencing our approach to music. With our caring and supportive community, we shall continue to discuss and share ideas to help build a world-wide network of artful listeners.

Fed up with zoom and online courses? Don’t want to spend your Sunday all day on zoom? I get it, that’s why this course is designed to support an amount of time where you are not looking at the screen. Mindfulness meditations can be done with the eyes relaxed away from the screen or closed; we will be listening to music with the invitation to close the eyes or look away from the screen, I will also be inviting you to take a ‘mindful walk’ half way through the day to ensure we’re not sitting down all day.

A simple guide to the day:

10am – 11am: Introduction to mindfulness through music
11am – 11.10am: Tea break
11.10am – 12pm: Further practise
12pm – 12.45pm: Lunch [with a mindful and musical twist]
12.45pm – 1pm: Re-group
1pm – 1.30pm: A mindful walk
1.30pm – 3pm: Further practise and closing

This course requires no experience in meditation or musical understanding, simply an open-mind and open-heart. We shall create a safe space to share, discuss and communicate through the ancient language of music. I look forward to exploring the infinite world of music with you.

Take-Away Benefits:
* A deeper understanding of mindfulness through music
* Relaxation techniques
* Better control over stress and anxiety
* Heightened focus, awareness and energy
* Connection to a welcome and open network

Event Image by Ray Hennesy
Practitioner Image by Joe Marsh

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£25 - 42
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