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West London Write Now meets every Wednesday from 3:30pm-5:30pm.

This creative writing workshop is for people at all stages of recovery who have been affected by addiction, including their family, carers and champions, or people who are returning to recovery after relapse and want regular writing opportunities as part of their recovery maintenance.

Drop-in exercises are tailored to the needs of participants who learn to tell stories, write dramatic dialogue and structure theatre scripts, which are then performed by professional actors in rehearsed readings or semi-staged productions.

This workshop is a safe space to share stories and build confidence, to support each other and to challenge the social stigma that people in recovery often feel.

Write Now will help you to:

1. Develop a personal voice through the written word
2. Create a safe peer-support network
3. Foster personal confidence

You can just drop-in as part of your recovery process, but we do request that you have abstained that day to take part.

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“"I often feel like I'm in the wrong place... But at the workshop there's something about it that quickly puts me in the right place."”

West London Write Now Participant

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