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Story Machine

  • Stress relief
  • Digital
  • £75
  • 18+

Using writing and movement to improve your health and wellbeing.

Led by Sally-Anne Lomas, this is your chance to use writing and movement to support your wellbeing. It is fun, communal, and liberating.

Writing and movement can seem like polar opposites: one begins with language and the head, the other direct from the body. In this online workshop Sally-Anne Lomas will help you bring mind and body together. Through activities you will explore how breath, posture, and a wide range of movement, from gesture to dance, can stimulate your writing. Simple physical exercises accessible to all will help you access the subconscious, explore new pathways to use writing therapeutically. You will discover how to use your body to unlock your creativity.

So go on, turn off your webcam and see how liberating embodied writing can be.

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This is a digital programme





“‘Creatively rewarding and hugely beneficial for my own stress management. There is huge healing potential in writing.’”

Dr Ruw Abeyratne, Director of Health Equality and Inclusion, University Hospitals of Leicester

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