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At Asthma + Lung UK our vision is for a world where everyone has healthy lungs. A world where lung health is prioritised through better understanding, research, treatment and support. We are dedicated to helping create a world where good lung health and the ability to breathe freely are a basic right enjoyed by all.

And we will be the driving force behind the transformation of lung health.

From research and campaigning to advice and support, as the nation’s lung charity we are on a mission to change the way that lung health is perceived.

Right now, the situation needs drastic improvement. We need change to improve the lives of millions of people with lung conditions.

To make this happen, at Asthma + Lung UK we have a five-year plan based on achievable goals. This will help us shift attitudes about the way lung health is seen in the UK – and drive real progress.

Music making and other creative activities can make you feel healthier and more positive. There’s increasing evidence that singing regularly as part of a group is good for your general health and wellbeing. It seems to be especially good at improving your quality of life if you’re living with a lung condition.

Singing as a group is good for people with no experience of singing, as well as people who have loved music-making their whole lives.

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