Sing Your Pain Away, Group singing for wellbeing, health and fun.

Sing Your Pain Away

  • Stress relief
  • South East
  • £8
  • 18+

Group singing has been proven to reduce pain, lift mood, decrease stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure, improve immunity and improve respiratory function. It also reduces social isolation and gives a sense of shared achievement.

Our friendly group singing sessions are designed to capitalise on these benefits. We don’t perform, so there is no pressure, you will never be asked to sing by yourself and all adults over 16 are welcome, regardless of whether you are in pain, have an underlying physical or mental health condition, or just want to enjoy some social singing for wellbeing,.

Open to everyone regardless of singing ability including those who feel they can’t sing!

Contact Information


Bourne End, Chesham, Marlow, Henley-on-Thames, Romsey, Hedgerley, Slough


Monday, Wednesday, Thursday



“I enjoyed it so much that I wished I could come every day! It is just such a treat to have some 'me' time and do something that is just fun, without any pressure. Thank you so much.I'm looking forward to next week. Best wishes, Pat”

Pat Hallett, Zoom member

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