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Dance to Health Sheffield, Falls Prevention

Dance to Health is the national falls prevention dance programme created and delivered by Aesop, which has been offering sessions in Sheffield and across England and Wales since 2018. The programme combines postural stability instruction (PSI) with the energy, creativity and fun of dance. 

Through Dance to Health sessions, participants learn how to safely get down to and up from the floor, as well as improving their strength, stamina, mobility, posture, balance and overall fitness levels. Research by Sheffield Hallam University demonstrates that Dance to Health has reduced falls by 58%. 

For a couple of hours we are ballerinas, we are dancers, we are creative artists!

Rita, Sheffield participant

Dance artist Lucy Haighton, volunteers and Dance to Health participants provide an insight into the programme in the following film.

This film was filmed and edited by Darshan Gajjar:

To learn more about Dance to Health, visit the link here:


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