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Move Dance Feel; the health benefits of dance for women living with and beyond cancer

Move Dance Feel is an award winning initiative dedicated to promoting the health benefits of dance for women living with and beyond cancer, as well as carers and those bereaved by cancer.

Guided by professionals, Move Dance Feel hosts activities to help women re-discover themselves, finding a renewed sense of joy in the body. The project draws upon the power of dance and movement in building community, whilst supporting individual and collective wellbeing. In these movement sessions, the focus shifts from a group of patients and carers, to a community of dancers; from a clinical context, to a creative one.

For many participants, their experience of cancer has been extremely medicalised, and this is often really overwhelming. Coming into a space where the focus is on creativity and their own artistry is a huge change from their day to day life

Dance Artist, Move Dance Feel

During a week-long dance performance project, the women of Move Dance Feel created a short film titled Oneness. The voiceover was written and spoken by the women themselves, from the prompt: How does dance make you feel?


Learn more about the project by visiting the link here: Move Dance Feel 

“When we dance, vitality returns… we dance, knowing each moment is precious”

The women of Move Dance Feel

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